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+All graphics are for LiveJournal use only. Straight up. No GreatestJournal. No Blurty. No Xanga. No nothing.
+Comment when you take a graphic. And don`t just say 'Taking a few'. Please specify which ones you are taking.
+Credit. Please. It`s greatly appreciated. Because graphic artists spend time on these things, and we don`t like to go unacknowleged. You may credit either the maker [Ex \\ CREDiT :: x__dreamer] or the community [Ex. \\ CREDiT :: dreamer_icons ] Here`s a tutorial how. (http://www.milkrock.net/mook/tutorials/keywords.html)
+Please do not customize yourself. Comment in that entry, and I`ll do it for you.
+If I catch you stealing, you will be banned with no notice.
+When you take something, save it and upload it to your own server. Otherwise, my bandwidth gets eaten up, and then there will be no more icons. *sad face*
+Please, if you see an icon a friend would like, tell them to join here too. We like new members =)
+Please promote!!
+Most of all, enjoy the icons. If you like something but aren`t taking it, let the maker know. =)

Graphic Artists
+ Emily [x__dreamer]
+ Brooke [star_2rise89]

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